🎉Get Ready to Take Off: Join the MEPS Whoop Craze in July and Win Amazing Prizes!🚁🏆

Join us to showcase your whoop drone flying skills and have a chance to win incredible rewards!

Hey FPV lovers!

MEPS is excited to announce an exciting event where you can show your passion for Whoop drones and stand a chance to win incredible prizes! Get ready to unleash your creativity and show off your flying skills in this ultimate FPV showdown! 🚀✨

🎉 Join the MEPS Whoop Craze in July: Share, Fly, and Win Big! 🚁🏆

📅 Event Duration: July 14th – July 31st

📆 Submission Deadline: July 24th

🗳️ Forum Voting Period: July 25th – July 27th

You can get involved by:

1️⃣Capture Your Best Whoop Moments: Take stunning photos or record impressive flight videos with your Whoop drone.

2️⃣SHARE YOUR CREATIONS: Post your Whoop photos and flight videos on our forums to inspire other FPV enthusiasts. Or post on your social accounts with the campaign hashtags #mepsking #mepswhoop

3️⃣WIN AMAZING PRIZES: We have an incredible array of prizes up for grabs, including the following categories:

🏆 Best Flight Video Award (3 winners): Most innovative, exciting, technically impressive flight video.
🏆 Best Photo Award (1 winner): The most visually appealing and stunning photo.
🏆 People’s Choice Award (1 winner): This award will be determined based on user votes and social media likes.
(Note: Winners cannot receive multiple awards at the same time)

Prize pool:
Best Flight Video Award: Choose a group from 0802/1103/1404/2004.

Best Photography Award: Choose a group from 0802/1103/1404/2004.

People’s Choice Award: Choose a set from 0802/1103/1404/2004.

Get Ready to Take Off: Join the MEPS Whoop Craze in July and Win Amazing Prizes!

Participation steps:
Step 1: Post
Step 2: Forum voting
Step 3: Jury Selection
👨‍🚀Judges: @sukhofpv @luisk_arias1 @caay.fpv

MEPS is born for control.Don’t miss this great opportunity to show off your skills and win exciting prizes! Remember, the deadline for submissions is July 24th and the voting period begins on July 25th. So grab your Whoop drone, capture those amazing moments and get ready to impress the FPV community!

If you have any questions or need more information, feel free to leave a comment below.

Good luck and happy flying!

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  1. Monika-MEPS

    😍There are many more in the future, you can log in to facebook, instagram and other social media to query the “mepswhoop” tag

  2. Monika-MEPS

    I read the post, I can fly so well at beginner level, really good

  3. Monika-MEPS

    Feel like a dancing elf, maybe this is the fun of flying

  4. Monika-MEPS

    It looks amazing, the color is so nice, don’t know how it flies

  5. Monika-MEPS

    it should have gone to the grass

  6. Monika-MEPS

    The new equipment looks pretty good

  7. Monika-MEPS

    wow that’s great

  8. Monika-MEPS

    Well, it’s a Whoop drone flying up a tree.good luck with it.😍

  9. Monika-MEPS

    😍Let me show you the content of some netizens who participated in the competition

  10. Monika-MEPS

    😍The activity is hot and ongoing, let’s all come together

  11. Michael

    😍That’s great!!! I have prepared my work and you will see it on my Facebook. Looking forward to voting for me

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