🎉Winners Announced |MEPS Whoop Craze in July

🎉Winners Announced |MEPS Whoop Craze in July

📣 Winners Announced! 🏆

🎉 The moment you’ve been waiting for is here! We’re excited to announce the winners of our Whoop Craze event. 🎉💥

🎥 Best Flight Video Prize (x3) – @flowty_fpv @Pittsyfpv @reik_fpv

📸 Best Photo Prize (x1) – @furkan.fpv

🏆 People’s Choice Prize (x1) – @KANCIL_FPV

🎁 Please contact @mepsking to get a set of 0802/1103/1404/2004!

📅 The winners were selected based on the scores given by our esteemed judges: @sukhofpv@luisk_arias1, and @caay.fpv, as well as the votes from the forum.

👏 A huge thank you to our judges: @sukhofpv@luisk_arias1@caay.fpv, and we also want to extend our gratitude to everyone who participated in the Whoop Craze event, hope to see you in our next contest!🚀

💌 If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact @mepsking.

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Hey FPV lovers!

The moment you’ve been eagerly waiting for has arrived! Get ready to make your voice heard and vote for July’s MEPS Whoop Craze event! 🚁🏆🎉

We need your support to choose the most incredible, heart-pounding flight videos and visually stunning photos in the FPV community! 🎥📸

Your vote holds the power to determine the winners of the Best Flight Video, Best Photo, and People’s Choice Awards. This is your chance to have a say and shape the outcome of this epic showdown! 🗣️💪

But that’s not all – our esteemed judges, @sukhofpv, @luisk_arias1, and @caay.fpv, will take the top ten entries YOU voted for and select the ultimate winner! 🏆🚀

🗳️ Forum Voting Period: July 25th – July 27th
👨‍🚀 Jury Voting: July 28-29
🏆 Final Winner Announcement: July 31

So what are you waiting for? Participate, vote, and let’s celebrate the incredible talents of the FPV community together! 🎉✨

#mepsking #mepswhoop

🗳️How to vote? 🗳️

Step 1: Browse Entries 🎥📸
Take a thrilling flight with MEPS Whoop Craze contest entries!

Step 2: Vote (🚀Participate in the voting👇)


🚨 It’s Time to Cast Your Votes! 🚨


It’s Time to Cast Your Votes! https://www.instagram.com/p/CvDFw2_I4mk/ July's MEPS Whoop Craze event July's MEPS Whoop Craze event July's MEPS Whoop Craze event
flowty_fpv reik_fpv furkan.fpv dagisus_fpv dagisus_fpv
July's MEPS Whoop Craze event July's MEPS Whoop Craze event-4 July's MEPS Whoop Craze event-5 July's MEPS Whoop Craze event-6 July's MEPS Whoop Craze event-6
dagisus_fpv papsi_fpv Pittsyfpv kunkun_vhobby galih_moch
July's MEPS Whoop Craze event-7 July's MEPS Whoop Craze event-8 July's MEPS Whoop Craze event-9 July's MEPS Whoop Craze event-0 mepsshoop
lilychow5118 Yagcifpv lima.fpv Schnuggidrones lulu_fn
MEPS Whoop Craze It’s Time to Cast Your Votes! MEPS Whoop Craze event-11 MEPS Whoop Craze event MEPS Whoop Craze event-12 MEPS Whoop Craze event-13
be_drone_chile billsfpvdrone Levan Partsvania Ad Rabun
MEPS Whoop Craze MEPS Whoop Craze
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  1. Monika-MEPS

    Thank you very much for your support. The voting has ended and the judges’ selection results will be released today. Stay tuned

  2. mullen.jamella

    My video not included voting @rabunfpv

  3. Monika-MEPS

    July 27th, forum voting is over~ Thank you for your support! Next, let us pilot judges choose specific awards! We will announce on July 31, thank you for your participation! In the future, we will continue to bring you more fun online activities, remember to follow us!😍

  4. yogik

    Hey friends, take a look at my video Kancil_Fpv and don’t forget to vote for me, thank you 🥰🥰😊🙏

    • Noah

      💪Nice video

    • yogik


  5. FPV Edz

    😍I hope everyone has good luck

  6. Brandon

    😍The skills of these pilots are insan

  7. Maullfpv

    Haloo..1 have question . Voting by insta gram.. Or.. Facebook

    • Monika-MEPS

      This is our first attempt to gather works from different platforms in one place for voting, and we will continuously optimize our participation methods😚

  8. dagisus_fpv

    How do you vote??

  9. vaska gedenidze

    Go Levan ✊🏼 Great idea and flying 🚀

  10. yogik

    my video is not included in the voting 😅 even though I have joined the contest 😁

  11. flowty_fpv

    I wish good luck to all participating pilots 🫡

  12. Ryan

    Can’t wait to see who takes home the top honors! 🏁

  13. FPV Edz

    🔥 I’ve cast my votes for my favorite flight videos and photos.

    • Ryan

      👻Who did you choose

  14. Connor

    The skills and creativity of these pilots are beyond impressive!

  15. Ryan


  16. Caay.FPV


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