What Is SZ Mini F7 HD&Analog Flight Controller

What Is SZ Mini F7 HD&Analog Flight Controller?

MEPS SZ Mini F7 HD&Analog Flight Controller

Thanks to  @dronic_fpv  amazing video.

● Smaller Shape and Lighter Weight – It takes up less space and adds less weight to the drone, which can improve its overall performance and maneuverability.

● Faster Calculation and Stable Operation – Boasting faster calculations, the flight controller can make precise adjustments to the drone’s flight path in real-time.

● Plug-in-Play DJI HD VTX Support – With plug-in-play compatibility, you can easily stream high-quality video from your drone without the need for additional wiring or setup.

● Precise and Rigorous PCB Layout – Clear interface layout to minimize wiring difficulties and electrical interference, to improve signal transmission.

● Integrated 5V/2A 10V/2A dual BEC – Ensure that the drone’s electronics receive a stable and consistent source of power, which can improve performance and reduce the risk of component failure.

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