What are the Specific Details of SZ2207 FPV Motors?

What are the Specific Details of SZ2207 FPV Motors? The bell is made out of a durable 608 to aluminum alloy and then the shaft is made out of a CT4 reinforced titanium alloy shaft and then the motor screws they provide are 12.9 grade hexicon motor screws and then the Magnex magnets that are actually in the motor why is that so hard to say magnets are specific n52 SHR magnet. It’s supposed to give really good performance.

I mean it feels smoothly feel great oh and I should mention that these specific 2207 motors come in a 1750 KV a 1950 KV in a 2750 KV so whatever your flavor of KV is they should have something that you would want so what do you guys think of these motors.Would you want to fly them? Would you want to rock them? Let me know in the comments what you think.

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