What are the differences between analogue and HD VTX?

FPV is in a phase. The next few years are going to decide if FPV will stick to Analog Video transmission or Digital convert Transmission. DJI changed the FPV scene with the first compact digital FPV Digital HD FPV systems are limited to DJI for now, with companies like Fatshark and Orqa FPV working on Digital systems as well. Analog systems on the other hand have a wide range of options from dozens of manufacturers.

The MEPSKING SZ2207 motor is very suitable for 5-inch quadcopters. Combined with high-quality 35A AIO brushless FC, it will give your drones a strong propulsion with flexibility and durability. At present, this motor launched by MEPSKING is perfectly matched with DJI’s digital image transmission.

What are the differences between analogue and HD VTX?

  • Analog refers to analogue video transmission technologies and systems. Analogue systems work by changing the amplitude or frequency of a wave. FPV cameras use frequency modulation (Modulation is the process of superimposing a modulated wave on a carrier wave), frequency changes are characterized by features captured by the camera. The FPV camera captures video, known as a modulated wave, and sends this captured signal in the form of a sine wave to the FPV video transmitter.
  • What about HD? Well, digital devices are everywhere, laptops, smartphones, calculators … the list is endless. Digital processing uses ones and zeros, 1 is high, and 0 is low. Digital data transmission is also called data transmission, which means the literal transfer of data from point A to point B.

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