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What are the Amazing FPV Drone freestyle skills?

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What are the Amazing FPV Drone freestyle skills?

1. Power Loops: A power loop involves flying straight up in the air before performing a backflip, then continuing to fly forward in the opposite direction.

2. Split-S Maneuvers: A split-S maneuver involves diving rapidly towards the ground before pulling up and completing a half-loop, then continuing to fly in the opposite direction.

3. Matty Flips: A Matty flip involves flipping the drone while rolling it sideways at the same time, resulting in a highly acrobatic and visually stunning maneuver.

4. Inverted Flying: Inverted flying involves flying the drone upside down, which requires precision control and spatial awareness.

5. Wall Riding: Wall riding involves flying the drone close to a wall and then following it closely while maintaining a steady distance from the surface.

6. Gap Jumping: Gap jumping involves flying the drone through small gaps or obstacles such as tree branches or gates, requiring precise timing and control.

7. Reversed Flight: Reversed flight involves flying the drone in reverse, which requires a high level of skill and control due to the reversed orientation.

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