US Air Force Expands Partnership with Drone Racing League

The United States Air Force (USAF) has renewed its partnership with the Drone Racing League (DRL) for the seventh year. Not only has the USAF now become the longest-reigning DRL partner, but for the first time, the air service branch of the United States Armed Forces will have an endorsement with a DRL pilot who will fly as the official USAF Team Pilot.

US Air Force expands partnership with Drone Racing League

US Air Force expands partnership with Drone Racing League

DRL and USAF have a shared mission to command the skies with the best technology, operational precision, and flight control. This is part of the reason why the USAF has also decided to own the new US Air Force DRL Flight Deck, the hub in which all of DRL’s elite pilots fly.

The other reason is the scope of targeted outreach that accompanies all things DRL. As the professional drone racing property explains, DRL fans are 30x more likely to engage with the Air Force on social channels and 80% more likely to work in technology than the general US population.

As a result, USAF is also planning to launch a new educational program with DRL in the form of a STEM Day that will teach students and kids of military families how to develop new drone engineering and piloting skills. Attendees will also be invited to experience a DRL race, meet the USAF Team Pilot, and see the Air Force’s DRL Flight Deck firsthand.

“Experiencing the Drone Racing League events is incredible! The competition is spectacular, the content is immersive and educational, and the league engages a coveted audience of young, high-energy tech-setters who have a passion for flight, innovation, and technology. They are future US Air Force recruits and airmen, and a core reason why we continue to renew our partnership with DRL year after year,” says US Air Force brigadier general Christopher Amrhein.


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