Tools and Materials for Building FPV Drones and Fixed Wings

Here is a list of essential FPV tools, tapes, glues and materials for building and repairing FPV drones and fixed wings. I will make recommendations on what products you should get that are useful for building, repairs and troubleshooting.

FPV Toolkits

If you get one of these toolkits, you can pretty much skip the “essential tools” section as they contain most tools required for building your FPV drone. These All-In-One tool kits are designed specifically for FPV, they are reasonably priced and come with decent quality tools. It’s really handy because you don’t need to go search for each item separately.

They all also have a zippered case to keep things together. But having the right tool for the job can make a huge difference in what you can accomplish and how effective your repair is, so choosing the right set for you can still make a lot of difference.

For most FPV pilots, it’s still hard to beat the value of the RaceDayQuads kit. It’s the least expensive and a very versatile kit with a great selection of tools. On the other hand, NewBeeDrone offers a kit with a full soldering suite that can keep you flying all day. These two are clearly most geared toward the functional needs of the serious FPV racer or freestyle pilot, and I would most easily recommend these two. It’s harder to call a winner this time around and depends how much you want to spend and what capabilities you want.

Essential Tools

These are the recommended and must-have tools for building and repairing your mini quad.

Soldering Tools

You will need a soldering iron for building your quad, as well as for the eventual repairs.

Hex Screwdriver Set

hex screwdrivers building fpv drones

Hex screws are commonly used to hold your FPV drone together, so getting a set of hex screwdrivers is extremely important. The most important sizes you should have are:

  • 1.5mm
  • 2.0mm
  • 2.5 mm

Assorted Screwdriver Set

For the screw sizes typically found on RC planes and wings, both cross slotted and single slotted might come in handy. Some of these sets on AliExpress come with some hex screwdrivers too that can save you some money.

Prop Nut Tools

For removing and securing propeller nuts requires a dedicated “prop tool”. You could just get a generic 8mm hex nut wrench, but I’d recommend getting a tool that’s designed specifically for FPV which are easier to use. There are a lot of options:

  • Some have one-way bearing that allows it to turn one direction – one side for removing the prop nuts while the other side for fastening. It allows you to basically tightening/loosen the nut without lifting the tool which is more efficient.
  • Some tools also have 1.5mm, 2.0mm or 2.5mm hex bit which are handy to have


A digital multimeter (DDM)is used to troubleshoot your quad’s electronics, measuring voltage, current, resistance, and test for short circuit.

A multimeter is a small investment that can potentially save you hundreds of dollars in damaged electrical parts by testing circuits before plugging them in. A cheap multimeter will be fine for the purposes of testing for shorts, finding broken wires and checking battery voltage.

Bench Power Supply

A bench power supply (PSU) has variable voltage output that can power many things, including your TS100 soldering iron, test your quad, FPV components, LiPo charger and so on.


Tweezers are used to hold and move small components and wires into place. Look for longer length tweezers to make it easier to access small components. Cross-lock tweezers (or reverse tweezers) are preferred because they apply pressure when you release them, they won’t let go of your work even if you set them down.

Wire Strippers

I have one but I rarely use it (mostly due to laziness), most of the times I just use scissors for stripping wires. But wire strippers provide more consistent and precise results if you are a perfectionist. Normally they only cover a cedrtain range of wire gauge, make sure the pair you get meet your requirement.

Heat Gun

Heat gun, or hot-air gun, is mainly used to shrink heat-shrink insulation tubes. Most people would just use a lighter, hot air gun is perhaps an overkill, but it provides more consistent heat and don’t leave burn marks.

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