The Price Is Right| Racing Guess and Win

The Pice Is Right

Racing Guess and Win,MEPS’s first new motor for May, the SZ0802, is about to be released. It has two KV options for everyone to choose from: KV19000 and KV22000. Join our online event now! Just reply with your price guess in the event post to have a chance to win our new motor for free! You also have a chance to win our discount coupons, allowing you to enjoy more discounts when placing an order. Come and join the event, and wait for your prizes!

The Price Is Right

Event Title: Racing Guess and Win
Event Time: May 10th – New Product Launch
Participation Method: Reply to the main post with a price guess
1st-3rd place: SZ0802 motor (4pcs);
4th-10th place: $10 discount coupon;
Participants: 1000 points;
Each participant can only reply once, and the reply cannot be changed after it has been posted.
After the event ends, we will announce the actual selling price of the motor and the top ten participants with the closest guesses. We will also privately message and email the winners to collect their prizes. (If two users guess the same price, the winner will be the user with the earlier message time in the background, and each user can only participate in the activity with their earliest message).
Each participant can only receive one gift from one channel and cannot receive the same prize twice.

Product Introduction: SZ0802.

The Price Is Right| Racing Guess and Win

The Price Is Right| Racing Guess and Win

The Price Is Right| Racing Guess and Win

The Price Is Right| Racing Guess and Win

The Price Is Right| Racing Guess and Win


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  1. FPV Edz

    Unfortunately, my drone is a 5-inch one, which is not what I need

    • Kathy

      You can select when there are some suitable new product.😊

  2. FPV Edz


  3. Ryan

    😍I want it

  4. Ryan

    👍Let me give it a try. Judging from its material usage, it should be $11

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