What is FPV UAV

FPV UAV is also called a traverser. It is understood as a four-axis aircraft with a first-person view. FPV is the abbreviation of First Person View in English, “the first person main view.” It is a new way of playing the screen control model on the ground based on the remote control aviation or vehicle model with a wireless camera return device. The FPV
FPV UAV racing has been a new scientific and technological sport in recent years. Together with electronic sports and robot fighting, it is called the three “intelligent scientific and technological sports.” Unlike the common photographic UAVs, the maximum speed of the racing UAV can reach 230 kilometers per hour, and the acceleration of 100 kilometers is less than 1 second. Technically, it involves aerodynamics, software, electronic engineering, and other disciplines and requires highly high-flying hand response and control skills.
Due to its breakneck speed, UAV racing is also known as “F1 in the air”, and the existence of the FPV system allows pilots and spectators to watch the flight racing process in real-time through a UAV camera and experience the feeling of sitting in the cockpit. After wearing the head-mounted display that transmits video from the perspective of the flying UAV, some pilots described it as “out of the body,” which is no less exciting than F1 racing.



To understand the FPV UAV, first understand the FPV mode. FPV mode is also called PTZ mode. The direction of PTZ roll changes with the change of flight angle. The rolling angle of aircraft motion will change at any time, and the rolling direction of PTZ in FPV mode is consistent with it. When the aircraft is flying, it may flip, and the camera will also change with the flip, so it can get the first person view flight experience.

FPV mode is a dynamic balance mode. Compared with the normal mode, it has certain advantages. It can make us understand the UAV’s environment and flight status clearly, making it easy to observe the local environment and self-status.

Development status of FPV UAV industry

Currently, the common FPV UAVs on the domestic market are divided into DIY and finished products. DIY An FPV UAV usually requires the following equipment: rack, electric control (ESC), motor, battery, flight control, propeller, remote control, FPV equipment (including camera, image transmitter, antenna, image receiver, display or video glasses), and also requires parameter adjustment software and driver software. The process of DIY assembling an FPV UAV can not only satisfy the desire of the model users but also be a learning experience. However, although DIY has many advantages, such as flexible configuration, vast selection, personalized customization, etc., the complex assembly process and cumbersome equipment matching are often prohibitive for beginners. The emergence of finished FPV UAVs solves this problem well. The purchase of finished FPV UAVs can save a lot of installation time. For novices who do not know the matching of electronic equipment, selecting finished FPV UAVs with mature technology and factory quality pre-inspection will also make flight safer. However, unlike DIY, the dead machine is relatively expensive, and its performance is relatively moderate (the finished machine manufacturer’s parts can’t be all the top products in the industry). Third, if the new person starts the dead machine, they may not be able to find out the fault and repair difficulties of the aircraft due to lack of maintenance knowledge, and fourth, they can not experience the joy of hands-on. So many FPV enthusiasts prefer DIY.

Application of FPV UAV

With the progress of technology, all kinds of FPV competitions at home and abroad are also in full swing.
In 2016, Dubai held the largest FPV competition so far – the Million Dollar Dragon Ridge Race, which climaxed the FPV carnival. After the competition, FPV was rapidly introduced in China, and many enthusiasts entered the pit. Since then, the European DCL (Drone Champions League) alliance, the North American DRL (Drone Racing League), DR1, mulitGP, and other super and significant leagues began to appear in scale.

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