See How Drones are Helping Firefighters Keep Tabs on Brush Fire

ASHTABULA COUNTY, Ohio (WJW) — A massive brush fire in Ashtabula County is contained but still under continued surveillance by the Geauga County Emergency Services Drone Team.

On Monday afternoon, the drone team showed FOX 8 News how the aerial footage is able to show both the charred landscape and temperatures in real time.

“Initially, we were running 400 to 500 degrees, but as of now we’re seeing below 105 to 110 degrees,” said Callie Mallory, Windsor Township Assistant Fire Chief.

See How Drones are Helping Firefighters Keep Tabs on Brush Fire

See How Drones are Helping Firefighters Keep Tabs on Brush Fire

Drones have been deployed throughout the duration of the fire to help crews navigate the situation and see firsthand where and how fast the fire was spreading.

Although the fire is considered contained, hot embers at the surface continue to smolder and pop, and with dry weather conditions, things could change at any time.

“We will be monitoring this for several more days,” said Windsor Township Fire Chief David Turk.

The blaze began with a property owner burning a wood pile and by Friday night was raging out of control.

Firefighters from approximately 30 departments responded to try and control the flames which consumed between 75-100 acres of woodland in Ashtabula county.

“It was moving fairly fast and jumping fire lines at that time,” said Chief Turk.

Some “grass crews” went into the woods and began hitting the fire with water until the Ohio Department of Natural Resources arrived with bulldozers to plow a perimeter fire line around the massive blaze.

Fortunately, no one was hurt and no structures were damaged but the person responsible could face fines.

The chief says the fire should serve as a warning to everyone about the dangers of backyard burning in this type of weather.

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