For beginners, how to choose a radio transmitter?

For beginners, how to choose a radio transmitter?How difficult is the manual mode of a ride through machine that can turn sharp corners at full throttle with a speed of 1 second from zero to 100?

how to choose a radio transmitter

The traversing aircraft abandoned redundant hardware and even flight control auxiliary systems for speed.Dynamic balance can only be maintained by continuously hitting the stick, and hovering in FPV situations is even more difficult than level flight.Therefore, getting started with the ride through machine requires first practicing the simulator, which only requires a radio transmitter.

I am Leo, and today I will teach you how to choose a high-quality human novice transmitter.

For novice transmitter, it is best to choose emulators that can be plugged in and can support non real machines. In addition, multiple protocol functions can be selected, which is very convenient for later real estate opportunities.Upgrading the high flat head function is generally only available with professional radio transmitters, and novice transmitters equipped with the high flat head function are also very commendable.

the Flysky FS-i6 transmitter

the Flysky FS-i6 transmitter

Therefore, beginners can choose the Flysky FS-i6 transmitter, although it can be simple and rough non real machines, as well as non simulators. However, the accuracy of the joystick is poor.

BETAFPV LiteRadio 2 SE Radio Transmitter,overall quality higher than the Flysky FS-i6, but neither the Flysky FS-i6n or the BETAFPV LiteRadio 2 SE control has screen control.

BETAFPV LiteRadio 2 SE Radio Transmitter

Therefore, the final recommendation is for the Jumper T-Lite V2 radio transmitter, which not only has an operation screen, but also has multi-protocol functions. It can even upgrade the high frequency head and install a black sheep high frequency head. For beginners, this is a better choice.

 Jumper T-Lite V2 radio transmitter


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