Quick Tip: Stop losing props on your micro quad

Do you have a whoop that keeps throwing props? Here’s how to fix it.

A lot of micro quads have a similar problem: whenever they crash, they tend to lose a prop or two. This can be a real pain. The prop tends to fly off to parts unknown, inevitably blending in with the rug or burying itself behind something that’s hard to get underneath; if you can find it at all. Of course not being able to fly is annoying—but maybe your micro didn’t come with spare props, or maybe you’ve lost them all. There’s the cost as well, and the shipping time and availability. Even worse, they can become choking hazards for small children.

There is a simple solution for this that works with most whoop props. What you’ll need for this fix is found in most households: dental floss. For tools, a thin pair of scissors work best—but you can also use a hobby knife. In this article we’ll be fixing the Meteor65, and this technique works for all sorts of small props and craft.

The Fix

Start by taking your props off. (You can wait until they fall off on their own, but then you may not find them again.) I still like using the prop tools that came with early micro quads, but a pair of tweezers can do the trick. Be careful not to bend the blades; this can happen pretty easily with these small props. You probably won’t have too much trouble with this step if you’re already having issues with the props coming off in flight. If you find that a prop is stuck on tightly, just leave it alone—you won’t need to perform this fix for that prop and motor combination!

Take a short piece of floss and thread it into the hole where the prop shaft will go. For props with a hole all the way through, threading it from the top side is usually easier. Leave a bit sticking out.

Micro whoop quad with floss sticking out of propeller

Put the prop on your whoop. You’ll notice how the floss adds some extra friction to the fit. If it’s still really loose, you can try adding two pieces.

Micro whoop quad with floss sticking out of propeller

Get your scissors or knife in as close to the prop as possible to trim off the excess floss. The thin scissors in inexpensive tool kits like the HDT RC Tool Set work really well for this, but a thin hobby knife can work well, too. The most important part to cut cleanly is the bottom, near the motor. You don’t want the extra floss getting wrapped up inside.

Other sizes and uses

This technique is great for most push-on props, which are used from the smallest micro quads up to about the 2” size. If you don’t have a hole in the top of the propeller, you can still feed the floss in from the bottom before you put it on. I wish I had known this before I lost a prop for one of my 2″ quads in a crash outdoors.

Floss is also a handy tool for other repairs on small craft. The antenna on this 75 Pro 2 used to flop around and get into the prop arc, causing the motor to lock and the micro to crash. A bit of floss keeps it in the antenna holder where it belongs, eliminating the issue completely. This fix isn’t limited to mirco quads; floss hold full-size antennas in place just as well.

Floss holds an antenna in place on a micro frame

When I first got my Meteor65, I had a lot of problems losing props—but I haven’t had a single issue since I added floss to the motor shafts like this. It really helps give me more confidence in the quad for racing. Losing a prop means you can’t take off again if you crash, and now I know I won’t be stranded while my rivals pass by.

With a lot of us stuck inside right now, it’s helpful to keep your indoor equipment in working order as long as possible. Keeping the props on helps avoid one headache so you can simply continue to fly more. If you do manage to lose them, GetFPV carries a pretty big variety of micro-size propellers.

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