Play FPV Drone easily, beginners must learn.

Play FPV Drone easily, beginners must learn, that is, on the basis of four-axis aircraft, add FPV camera, cooperate with image transmission and FPV Drone glasses to realize first-person visual angle control of aircraft.

Traditional helicopters will use a main propeller to generate thrust and a tail propeller to offset the torque generated by the main propeller (i.e., tail locking), while the diagonal propeller of four-rotor aircraft is designed with positive and negative propellers, so no additional mechanism is needed to lock the tail.

The biggest difference between fpv and fixed wing is that the fuselage of fpv has no stability; Positive and negative propellers are designed to counteract torque.

Play FPV Drone easily, beginners must learn.

Play FPV Drone easily, beginners must learn.

Steady state motion(FPV Drone)

The No. 1 and No. 2 propellers rotate counterclockwise, while the No. 3 and No. 4 propellers rotate clockwise. When the thrust generated by the four propellers is the same, the counter-torque exerted by the two groups of positive and negative propellers on the fuselage is offset in two, making the counter-torque rotating in the vertical direction balanced, thus ensuring the stability of the course.

Pitch and roll motion (FPV Drone)

Forward and backward movement and lateral movement: in order to obtain a thrust horizontally, increase the speed of motor 2 and the thrust at the tail; Reduce the speed of motor 1, and the thrust of the head will decrease. The whole fuselage will lean forward, and a horizontal forward thrust will be synthesized, so the fuselage can move forward. At the same time, keep the rotation speed and counter-torque balance of motor 3 and motor 4, so as to ensure that the fuselage can move smoothly


Yaw motion is the left and right rotation in the horizontal direction, that is, the rotation around the Z axis. During the rotation of the rotor, due to the effect of air resistance, it will form counter torque opposite to the rotation direction. Yaw motion is realized by counter torque.

When the aircraft hovers, the rotational speed of the four motors is the same, and the two groups of positive and negative torques cancel each other to maintain balance. When the rotational speeds of the four motors are not exactly the same, the unbalanced counter torque will cause the four-rotor aircraft to rotate horizontally, thus realizing the yaw motion.

Why didn’t the plane fall when the four motors rotate at different speeds? Because the lift force does not change under the yaw motion, the 1 # and 2 # propellers are clockwise, and the 3 # and 4 # propellers are counterclockwise. Just reduce the speed of the 3 # and 4 # propellers while lifting the 1 # and 2 # propellers, and you can use the torque to achieve clockwise or counterclockwise rotation.

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