My first small quadcopter

Last summer I purchased my first quadcopter, a  Syma X5C. It was perfect for a beginner like I was but, in a short time, I realized that I need something smaller for indoor flight. Bigger-sized quadcopters are perfect for outdoor flights but it’s very hard to pilot them indoors, especially for a beginner.

At first, I thought that small quadcopters are only for kids but after I watched several YouTube videos, I was surprised how agile they can be. Also, because are so small they are perfect for indoor flight training.

I looked over the internet to find which is the best small quadcopter for practicing and improving my flight skills. I came across two models from different brands. The CX-10, manufactured by Cheerson, and the X12, manufactured by Syma.

My first small quadcopter – Cheerson CX-10 or Syma X12

Firstly, I was thinking to order the Syma X12 NANO quadcopter, even if it was slightly more expansive, because of my positive experiences with the Syma X5C.

In the end, I decided to order both small quads, the X12 for me, and the tiny Cheerson CX-10 for my 6-year-old son. He was so glad to get his first quadcopter that I don’t know why I waited so much to get him one. By playing and practicing with these small quadcopters, we can have a good father and son time. Because the CX-10 has a very small remote controller that is perfect for kids. Because of its size, you can take it everywhere as it fits perfectly into your pocket.

As the Cherson CX-10 is my son’s first quadcopter, it was very hard for him to understand the commands. We started slowly with up and down movements. After few tries, he managed do not to hit the ceiling or smash the CX-10 to the floor.

The next step was to keep the little quad at the same height. Only after he managed to hover the CX-10 we moved to basic horizontal flight movements.

This mini quad has three flight modes that can be set by pressing the throttle in. The transmitter will beep to indicate which mode you set. Two beeps mean intermediate mode and three beeps mean advanced mode. Use the advanced mode only if you are ready for a faster fly.

For those who receive their first small quadcopter, I recommend starting slowly with basic flight movements and always set the flight speed of the quad at LOW.

After a few weeks of practice, I can say that these toys are very resistant to crashes. Even if something is damaged, it can be easily replaced with inexpensive spare parts.

Which is the best small quadcopter Cheerson CX-10 or Syma X12?

Cheerson CX-10 pros and cons

  • Probably the smallest quadcopter in the word (40 x 40 x 22mm);
  • Lowest price for an RTF quadcopter ($19);
  • 3 flight speed modes;
  • up to 8 minutes of flight time;
  • Low battery warning;
  • The propellers often fall down;
  • Does not have enough pitch/roll authority to fly very fast;
  • The transmitter it not has a dedicated button to speed selection and 360-degree flips;
  • The transmitter uses only 2pcs of AAA batteries;
  • The remote controller is too small;

Syma x12 Nano pros and cons

  • Normal-sized remote controller
  • Dedicated button to set the flight speed and for 360-degree flips;
  • Powerful front LED light for better orientation;
  • It flies very FAST in “Advanced” mode;
  • Very durable;
  • Rubber landing feet;
  • The transmitter uses 4pcs of AA batteries;
  • No low battery warning;
  • Only 4 minutes of flight time;
  • Is more expensive than the CX-10 ($24);

Both small quadcopters are perfect for indoor flights and there are no many differences between these models.

In conclusion, if you do not want to spend too much for a small quadcopter you can go on the Cheerson CX-10 but for the extra $5 you will get a decent-sized remote controller together with the Syma X12 Nano quad.

Don’t forget, these tiny quadcopters can be very entertaining for kids but also for adults.

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