Mr. Hashimoto won “JAPAN DRONE LEAGUE 2023: ROUND 3”!

Yuuki Hashimoto, a first-year student at Renaissance Osaka High School, won the 3rd round of “JAPAN DRONE LEAGUE 2023” held on July 22nd and 23rd (Sat) and (Sun)!

Mr. Hashimoto won "JAPAN DRONE LEAGUE 2023: ROUND 3"!

Mr. Hashimoto won “JAPAN DRONE LEAGUE 2023: ROUND 3”!

The tournament was held over two days at the Akiu Forest Sports Park in Miyagi Prefecture, and was won by the “Pro” (those ranked 15th or higher in the 2022 JDL rankings) in one of the three divisions (Open, Expert, and Pro).

Mr. Hashimoto also won the first and second rounds (Professional Group) this year, his third consecutive victory. Mr. Hashimoto has also won the “MultiGP” World Championship and continues to achieve excellent results.

Yuki Hashimoto saied : I was in good shape from the practice day, but after the semifinals, my form started to deteriorate and I was worried at first. This year, I will win all the tournaments without any complaints and become the No.1 in Japan!

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