MEPS SZ2806 5 Cinematic FPV Motor

MEPS SZ2806 5 Cinematic FPV Motor

Longer endurance, greater load, specially designed for the needs of long-range aerial photography drone.

● Longer Flight Duration – Every second of FPV flight counts, and SZ2806.5 helps to stay in the air for longer periods of time.

● Larger FPV Frame Load Capacity – Capable of handling heavier payloads, like larger cameras, without sacrificing flight stability.

● High Efficiency & Low Heat Generation – Extend the life of the drone battery, more reliable and less likely to overheat or fail.

● Lightweight & Impact Resistance – Better overall performance, tends to last longer and perform more consistently.

● Special for Long-Range Aerial Photography – Low noise and smooth operation, help capture clear, stable footage.

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