BetaFPV’s new drone aims to capture 360° cinematic footage and make drones invisible

According to UAV COACH, manufacturer BetaFPV recently released a new drone to make drones invisible, the Pavo360, and a new 360 degrees camera, the SMO 360, designed to be used together to capture high-quality 360° drone footage.

The combination creates a 360 degrees cinematic effect – the drone footage immerses you in the world of drone flight, while the drone itself becomes invisible.

What is a stealth drone? A stealth drone is a drone that uses a 360 degrees camera to capture footage in all directions or 360 degrees. After capturing, the footage can be recomposed into any view, thus making the drone invisible. In other words, a stealth drone allows you to get 360 degrees aerial footage without the drone being anywhere in the footage, essentially allowing you to fly a “stealth” camera in the sky. Of course, the Pavo360 is not the first stealth drone – in fact, there are several stealth drones on the market today.

X-Knight 360 FPV Quadcopter | Insta360 OneR Stealth FPV Drone, the first stealth drones were quite large and bulky, which made them not a good choice for classic movies, such as those shot from doors, hallways or in and out of rooms. But newer iterations are smaller and can fly indoors and outdoors, which means they will help creators make more impressive cinewhoop videos.

make drones invisible

BetaFPV’s new Pavo360 offers creators a great balance of size and power. In terms of size, it’s small – just 3 inches, just like a traditional cineweb – and allows you to fly both indoors and outdoors. But in terms of power, it offers more than the current competition, allowing you to shoot high-octane 360 degree cinewhoop footage. Here are the outstanding features and specifications of the Pavo360:

Frame: The new lightweight cinewhoop frame is made of PA12 for greater abrasion resistance and toughness, and good impact resistance in drop and impact tests.

Props size: three inches.

Stability: Balanced body design for stable flight.

Landing gear: Retractable landing gear protects the cam from any damage during landing.

Power supply: Stable power supply from 2204-2400KV motor and 2 series-connected 850mAh 3S batteries.

Camera:* Utralight custom SMO 360 camera with 5.7K 360 degree capture

The following is an overview of the HD Digital VX:

Camera: Caddx Polar Vista HD Digital FPV camera that is lightweight (0.06 lbs) and has a large wide angle.

Video Quality: Up to 720p/60fps.

Latency: Low latency HD picture transfer.

Night Photography: Ideal for night photography.

BETAFPV Pavo360 SMO 360

The Insta360 camera uses proprietary technology from Chinese camera manufacturer Insta360, but it was actually built by BETAFPV specifically for Pavo360, making it a true collaboration between the two companies. Here are the Insta360 camera’s outstanding specifications and features:

Ultra-lightweight: just 0.12 pounds (55 grams).

Video resolution: 5760×2880@24/25/30fps; 3840×1920@30/50fps; 3008×1504@100fps.

Color: Black and red.

Lens: Dual-lens 360 degrees camera.

BETAFPV Pavo360 SMO 360

You can see the bubbles of the two lenses at top and bottom…make drones invisible

And what about that 360° camera?

Well, that’s where Insta360 comes in. The company – also based in Shenzhen – is a world leader (some might justifiably argue the world leader) in consumer 360° camera technology. (We recently highlighted the company’s GO 2, which is a phenomenal piece of tech wrapped up in a package the size of your thumb, and absolutely perfect for small drones.)

This camera is actually built by BETAFPV, but the company has done so using Insta360 technology, and both companies have their logos on the supplied product branding.

Anyway, let’s take a look at the SMO 360° camera, which fits in this drone like a glove.


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