How to make a drone?

How to make a drone?

How to make a drone?

Have you ever think of making your own quadcopter or drone at home. I will show you how can you make this DIY project in simple steps. Just follow the steps. It’s so fun to make this drone.

Make a definitive list of parts.

Decide on a purpose and then size.

Racing- 110–250

Casual flying- 450–600

Exploration and photography- 450–800.

Then choose the kind of copter.

Fun flying & FPV- Tricopter

Simplicity- Quadcopter

Heavy lift- Hexa & Octa

Heavy lift, Compact- Coaxial Hexa (y6) and Coaxcopter(X8 or +8)

Then choose the FC-

Racing- CC3d,F3, Naze32,

Autopilot- MWC Crius, ArduPilot(legendary), Pixhawk (another legend) and the DJI Naza

Simplicity- KK 5.5, KK2, KK mini, CC3d, Naze32

Sheer Diy lunacy- A diy multiwii

Your motor and ESC choice is based upon size and weight.

Battery depends on Amp draw (make it such that it lasts 4–6 minutes of hardcore flying)

TX and RX depend on budget and range.

Thats all

Happy flying

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