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Difficult point 1:How to Do FPV Drone Simulator Practice

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How to Do FPV Drone Simulator Practice?

Now let me share the first stage of simulated practice. I went through this stage for about a week. I flew for about 10 hours intermittently.

The process was extremely painful in Encounter’s questions. I actually wanted to give up. However, after talking to many flying friends later, I discovered they were experienced in the same situation.

Let me dissent difficulty we’ve accounted during this process now. I discovered the simulator has automatically and many models by switching between those two models during my flight. I could control the alcohol differently.

I feel that the alcohol is particularly easy to flight in the self symbolizing model because in my mind flying is like swimming a golf cuff. When you swim forward the aircraft, you will move forward the menu mod which is significantly difficult so this model makes me feel very frustrated at one point.

I tried to push the pinch a little bit to feel the flight change cause its magnitude in the following and a clification process. And gradually, I was able to develop a hobbit of not constantly pushing the pinch.


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