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GW008 Mini Skull quadcopter – Scare in the air

This type of gadgets like the GW008 Mini Skull quadcopter, are a very good choice for a present, even a Christmas one. I’m sure all kids, especially boys, love this kind of remote controlled toys that are inspired by Halloween figures like for example skulls.

Lately, these mini quadcopters became quite accessible and more and more buyers are interested in purchasing and trying them. If you ask me what is the best quad, I would answer you that everyone has its own best quad.

I reviewed lately a lot of small and cheep models and this one has definitely the most interesting design.

When James from Banggood asked me if I would like to review this flying skull Quad, I couldn’t refuse it. It seemed to be a nice Halloween gift, but unfortunately the overseas delivery was longer than I expected, I received it one week after the “Trick or Treat” night. The GW008 Mini Skull is available in red and black, as I remember I requested a black one and of course I received a red one, but no problem, both look scary :D.GW008 Mini Skull review First look

GW008 Mini Skull quadcopter review

The GW008 mini quad comes in a very nice gift box with a cover flap. Peeling off the cover reveals the mini Skull Quad and its black remote controller with red buttons. Inside the package there is a small bag of accessories which contain a tiny screwdriver, 1 set of spare propellers and an USB charging cable.

In terms of design this small quadcopter definitely gets an “A+”, looks awesome and “scary” in the dark with those two front LEDs which are serving as eyes of the skull. The tiny aircraft comes fully equipped and reedy to fly, you need only to plug in the battery connector.

Both the cockpit and the protection frame can be easily removed and replaced without using any tool.GW008 Mini Skull review - FrighteningLEDs

For easy and correct propeller replacement, both arms and blades are marked with the correct installation order (A1,B2,A3 and B4). The front propellers have red color and rear ones white, this will help a bit to determinate witch is the exact orientation of the aircraft.

The GW008 mini Skull quad is powered with a tiny 150mAh battery which, according to the specs, allows about 7-8 minutes of play time. Using the included USB cable, the battery can be recharged via any USB plug in just 30 minutes. The battery is removable if you don’t want to rest between flights, so you can have a charged spare one (ore more) ready for next flight.

GW008 Mini Skull review – Transmitter

As I previously mentioned, the remote controller is completely black with some red control keys. As you can see in the image bellow, the layout of the buttons is a bit unusual (“non standard”). You will need 4pcs of AAA batteries to power up the transmitter. Switching between fast and slow flight speed can be made through the “F/S” button. By pressing the “Flip” button can be activated the 360 degree rolling mode, my son loves these somersaults.GW008 Mini Skull review - Transmitter

GW008 Mini Skull review – Flight capabilities

My first flight with this GW008 Quad was outdoor and frankly I was a bit disappointed about its maneuverability. OK, it wasn’t a windless day so after I recharged the battery I moved indoor to make my next flight. The tiny aircraft behaved totally different, it responded very fast and accurate to my controls. Also, the yaw rate was vey good, even in the “Slow” mode.

Outdoor I got around 4-5 minutes flight time and indoor a bit more about 6 minutes, which I think is pretty good for this price range.

GW008 Mini Skull review – Final thoughts

Even if this year’s Halloween has passed, the GW008 mini quadcopter can be a nice gift for any other occasion. It comes in a nice box with a very good build quality, not mentioning the distinctive design. In my opinion, the $15.99 which is the price of this little remote controlled toy are well spent money. For those who are interested, this Mini Skull Quad can be ordered from here.

GW008 Mini Skull unboxing and maiden flight video


  • Nice gift box;
  • Unique design;
  • Different colors for front and rear propellers;
  • Removable battery;
  • Very stable and easy to control it indoor;


  • Can’t handle too much wind.
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