Building Diving – Carpark

Very high risk – High Reward spot for building diving and carpark flying. There is a nice tall building for diving and it has a bonus sky bridge. Be very careful when flying in the car parks as access to them is very limited due to them being gated off and under surveillance by security guards. Very good Sunday morning/evening flying spot. Hardly anyone around due to the Greenspoint mall being almost closed down and no one working in the buildings on that day. I like to park next to the dumpster in the “La Petite Academy” so no one really bothers me. I have never had a police officer stop me from flying but definitely check your flying app and an altitude display on your OSD is a must. You are pretty close to the IAH airport and you definitely want to fly within the law here. Greenspoint is a notoriously shady spot but i have never had anyone mess with me as no one really walks by here.

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