🇮🇸The Icelandic DC-3 aircraft wreckage sleeping at the end of the world

The wreckage of an Icelandic plane crashed on the black sand beach of Sólheimasandur in 1973. Thanks to the captain’s professional emergency landing skills, all crew members escaped safely. After the crash, nearby residents came to the rescue, and the U.S. Navy tried its best to repair the aircraft, but it was eventually abandoned. Over the years almost everything serviceable from the aircraft was removed, except for the fuselage and engine mounts. Then it inexplicably became a must-visit attraction in Iceland~ The GPS coordinates of the DC-3 aircraft wreckage are 63°27’32.7″N, 19°21’53.3″W. How to get there: Drive to Parking dc3 Douglas, get off and take 10 The shuttle bus will arrive immediately in minutes.

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