FullSpeed TinyLeader review: Most powerful Whoop!

Apparently, the FullSpeed TinyLeader review has all the features that could make it the Best brushless Whoop. It has ducted blade guards, protective canopy, versatile FSD408 flight tower and high quality FPV camera.

Over the last few years, we reviewed many Tiny Whoop alike micro FPV drones including the genuine Blade Inductrix FPV Plus. The ducted blade protectors not just improve the efficiency of the propellers, but also make the aircraft very safe for indoor practice.

FullSpeedRC announced their TinyLeader 75mm in 3 variants. According to your existing transmitter you can opt for DSMX, FlySky or FrSky radio receiver. Furthermore, they also offer a “HD” version with 1080@60fps on-board recording.

FullSpeed TinyLeader review: Introduction

FullSpeed Tiny Leader highlights

  • Whoop alike ducted blade guards and protective canopy;
  • ~75mm wheelbase;
  • FSD408 (F411 FC) flight controller w/ built-in OSD;
  • FullSpeed FSD408 BLHELI_S 4in1 ESC;
  • 11000KV brushlless motors with connectors;
  • FSD TX600 switchable 5.8G/48CH VTX;
  • Caddx Micro F2 camera or Caddx Turtle V2 (HD);
  • Camera angle adjustment;
  • Optional Frsky, Flysky or DSMX radio receiver.

FullSpeed TinyLeader Brushless Whoop review

Disclosure: I received this drone from GeekBuying, in order to test it and make an in-depth review. Although the quadcopter was offered for free, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by my partner.

I start to believe that DHL is totally incompetent. Till now I had problems only with the packages coming from China, but now it seems that they are not capable to deliver in-time within Europe either. While the package was collected on January 21st, I received it only on February 8th. By car you can travel easily those 1700 km in 3 days, not 3 weeks. Anyway, I should probably be happy that my FullSpeed TL visited so many beautiful European cities: Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Athens, Bologna, Milan, Linz, Budapest, Bucharest and Budapest again :).

FullSpeed TinyLeader review: Box content

First contact with the FullSpeed TinyLeader was quite disappointing. Opening the box I found out that there are no spare props, nor flight battery included. Not even a user manual, just some useless FullSpeed stickers. How can GB expect from me to test the drone without a compatible LIPO?! At least they should’ve warned me about this fact so I have time to order one. Luckily, one of my friend had a compatible LIPO and borrowed it to me.

Design and build quality

Due to its white&yellow color combination, the FullSpeed TinyLeader reminds me about the KingKong Tiny7. The 3D printed canopy has more design function than protective one. Camera lens, as well as most electronic parts, are exposed during crash.

FullSpeed TinyLeader Vs KingKong Tiny7

Behind the canopy’s shark tail is located the VTX antenna. Micro USB firmware port is found on right side of the FSD408 flight controller. No lights, but not an issue as long as you stay FPV. For LoS (line of sight) flights I suggest you to install a bright LED light.

In order to be light and strong, it mixes carbon fiber elements with plastic. The lower frame is a simple 1 mm carbon frame where each duct system is attached using 3 screws. For good impact resistance each blade protector has 5 branches.

Unlike other Whoops, the TinyLeader has asymmetric X design. While the frontal motor-motor distance is 72 mm, the rear one is 52mm. This approach allows to push the camera forward providing clean FPV view (no props or other drone parts visible).

FullSpeed TinyLeader review: Design

Each 11000KV motor is connected to the ESC through a 3 position plug. The tiny brushless motors are paired with 40mm/4-leaf propellers.

Due to the high-power demand, it comes with XT30 battery connector. While most of the electronics are 1-3s rated, FullSpeed suggests to use their TinyLeader quadcopter with a 2s/300mAh or 2s/450mAh LIPO battery.

The 3D printed battery mount limits you in shape/size of the battery. Replacing it with a rubber or velcro band will provide you more freedom in choice of LIPO.

FullSpeed TinyLeader review: Battery mount

FullSpeed TinyLeader review: Camera & FPV system

Similar to other Power Whoops, the FS TL is also equipped with the Caddx Micro F2 camera. Caddx is a relatively new player in the racing quadcopter industry. In the past they were focused on security cameras and only recently started manufacturing FPV cameras.

In addition to the low latency, the Caddx Micro F2 provides excellent video quality and fast response on light level changes.

FullSpeed TinyLeader review: FPV Camera

While the FSD TX600 video transmitter is capable to provide up to 600mW broadcast power, I suggest you to stay under 200mW. Higher power doesn’t necessarily mean longer range. In most cases, increasing TX power will just reduce the flight time. For best range is very important to use a good quality diversity receiver, as well as to match the TX and RX antennas.

Transmission power (blue LED), channels (red LED) and bands (green LED) can be adjusted via the VTX button, as well as remotely through your transmitter.

By default, aircraft name, elapsed flight time and battery voltage OSD values are displayed on the FPV goggles. OSD screen can be customized through BetaFlight – Configurator. If you want to display RSSI info (RC signal strength), you will need to assign “RSSI channel” to “AUX 5” under the receiver tab (right corner).

FullSpeed TinyLeader review: OSD

Initial setup

As it comes fully assembled and pre-tuned, there is not much to do prior to your first flight. Factory settings are well optimized for this little flying machine. After completing the binding procedure you just need to load a freshly charged battery and you are good to go.

Binding the Full Speed Tiny Leader with Taranis Q X7 transmitter

Firstly, I created a new model on my transmitter and named it “TinyLeader”. After that, under the “Model setup” screen, I set “Internal RF”, operation mode to “D8” and channels number to 8. Finally, I selected the “Bind” option. When the Taranis Q X7 is in “Bind” state, it makes a high-pitched beeping.

FullSpeed TinyLeader review: Binding

Now you can plug the battery (or the micro USB cable) while you hold down the FrSky-Nanon’s bind button (the receiver can be removed to have easy access on the F/S button). Successful binding will be confirmed by solid red and slowly flashing blue light.

FullSpeed TinyLeader review: Flight performance

In just two hours after I received it, I was ready for my first test flight. Firstly I played a bit indoor in angle mode. It is very stable and easy to control, the gyro does a great job.

Despite its small size, it needs large open space in order to unleash its all power. You simply cannot compare the Tiny Leader to any brushed Tiny Whoop (eg Echine M80), the 2s makes it so much more powerful and nimble. Replacing the stock prop with a 2-leaf one should allow even more speed. I bet that with a 3s LIPO would turn into the devil itself :D.

FullSpeed TinyLeader review: Test

The frame is very robust, I crashed it few times and no visible damages. Anyway, it is a great idea that you can replace the Whoop guards one by one. We hope the manufacturer will also offer spare parts.

I have really enjoyed my time with the FullSpeed TinyLeader, it is a great little quad which fly almost like its bigger brothers (of course excepting that you can’t hang on it a GoPro camera).

Price & Availability

All versions are available here with starting price of $119.99 (PNP – No radio) – this price includes free shipping. Using this “DCVRATKO” you will get some extra discount. As battery is not included, you will have to spend couple of extra bucks for a compatible LIPO (GNB 2S 450mAh or 2S 300mAh). In case you need on-board video recording, you should look for the TinyLeader HD (aka CineWhoop).

FullSpeed TinyLeader review: Verdict

Editor’s ratings



    Price/performance ratio



    Build quality



    Camera & FPV & OSD



    Flight performance





Compared to micro brushed Whoops, the FullSpeed TinyLeader has lots of power even on 2s. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor fun. It is very durable, I crashed it few times and it’s still like new.

My only complain to FullSpeed is that they could’t include at least one set of spare props and one flight battery. When you spend more than 100 bucks for such a small drone, you expect a minimal pack of accessories.


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