FPV UAV toy grade – 1.4-2.5 inch toothpick machine!

FPV UAV toy – 1.4-2.5 inch toothpick machine
This level is commonly known as “toothpick machine” because they are generally minimal and can quickly complete various crossing and flying movements indoors. Also, because it is relatively small, it cannot carry more robust shooting equipment. The range is generally around 4-5 minutes, so the entertainment purpose is greater than the shooting purpose.

FPV UAV toy 1.4-2.5 inch toothpick machin

1.4-2.5 inch toothpick machin


The 1.4-inch “toothpick machine” is only as big as the palm, so naturally, you can only use it as a toy. The bare machine weighs less than 30 grams, and the small battery of 1S can make it fly. It should be suitable for leisure and entertainment.

The FPV aircraft with 1.6-inch blades has a 79mm wheelbase, 1.6-inch blades, and an integrated flight control motherboard, which keeps the weight without battery within 70g. Of course, it is not a pure indoor flying toy. Some products can achieve 4K recording capability, and the price of a single plane will be around 1500 yuan.

The FPV aircraft with 1.6-inch blade

The FPV aircraft with 1.6-inch blade

A slightly larger 2-inch FPV can accommodate the sky end of Xinjiang. Although the blade is only 2 inches, the wheelbase has reached 112mm, almost doubled, and the weight has gone about 130g. However, because the blade size is still too small, the aircraft of this size cannot still carry a motion camera.



The 2.5-inch toothpick machine is a large 1.6-inch toothpick machine. The 105mm wheelbase and larger blades are only for more substantial power rather than carrying more robust recording equipment. So although it looks more significant than the blades of the 2-inch model, its actual weight is less than that of the 1.6-inch ultra-small model.

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