FPV News in December 2022

1st January 2023

FPV News

FPV News


On the first day of every month, I will post FPV related news from the past month including some interesting product releases and firmware updates. If I miss any important news please kindly remind me in the comment.

Last month’s news: FPV News in November 2022

Table of Contents

  • UK CAA – New Legally Binding Drone Regulations
  • FPV.WTF Butter
  • HDZero Firmware 22122022
  • Gyroflow v1.4.2
  • ExpressLRS V3.1.2
  • Walksnail Avatar 31.36.8
  • Betaflight 4.4.0-RC3

UK CAA – New Legally Binding Drone Regulations

7 Dec 2022

It’s the UK’s turn to tighten the thumbscrews on drone pilots. The CAA have today released a new Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) and Guidance Material (GM) document for the rules and procedures for the operations of unmanned aircraft. It should be noted that everything in the document is law that must be complied with by a drone pilot. This means that you can potentially end up facing court and having a criminal record if you get caught being in non-compliance of any of the rules.

FPV.WTF Butter

12 Dec 2022


12 Dec 2022

HDZero Firmware 22122022

22 Dec 2022

  • Support HDZero Nano90 camera
  • Support MSP VTX protocol
  • Adding HDZero goggle

Gyroflow v1.4.2

23 Dec 2022

  • Fixed rendering on MacOS before Ventura
  • Fixed startup crash on MacOS Catalina and Big Sur
  • Fixed rendering with NVIDIA on older cards
  • Fixed timeline quaternion view
  • Fixed loading of iFlight GOCAM csv gyro files
  • Fixed zooming center offset with stretched profiles
  • Updated KOMODO lens profiles to account for global shutter

ExpressLRS V3.1.2

23 Dec 2022

The latest V3.1.2 update mostly just bug fixes for PWM receivers, the more important release was the previous V3.1.1 which was released earlier this month, see change log here:

Walksnail Avatar 31.36.8

23 Dec 2022

Optimized Image Quality, Fixed Low Bitrate issues in 720p100fps mode, added clean HDMI output.

In previous 29.33.16 version released on 21 Dec 2022: Added OSD Playback, Camera settings save to VTX, Optimized RF Low level performance.

Betaflight 4.4.0-RC3

31 Dec 2022

Within 3 weeks Betaflight released RC1, RC2 and RC3 of the latest 4.4 firmware, but be extremely cautious with beta versions as there could still be bugs. I’d suggest to wait until official release if you are not in a hurry.

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