Why DJI stops selling Aeroscope?fpv mini drone

Then it was gone, a strange decision on the part of DJI to my mind, perhaps it was too much of a hot potato.fpv mini drone

As of my knowledge cutoff in 2021, DJI did not officially announce that they are stopping the sale of Aeroscope. However, there have been reports that DJI has shifted its focus away from Aeroscope and towards other products.

Aeroscope is a system designed to track and identify unauthorized drones flying in restricted airspace. DJI may have faced challenges in marketing and selling Aeroscope due to concerns over privacy and data security. Additionally, there may have been limited demand for the product, as many agencies and airports already have their own drone detection systems in place.

It’s possible that DJI has decided to a new drone tracking solution that is more focused on high-security clients. The company may have determined that the bad press and public scrutiny surrounding Aeroscope have made it less desirable to market and sell the product. It’s also possible that DJI wants to distance itself from the old product and introduce new protocols that are more in line with their current technology offerings. Overall, it seems like DJI is shifting its focus towards other products and markets, which is a common strategy for companies as they adapt to changing market conditions.

Without any official statement from DJI, it’s difficult to determine the exact reason why they may have stopped selling Aeroscope.

I thought it made perfect sense for DJI to make the gear for others to detect their own products and I am led to believe some other manufacturers.

Fitted at airports and used by police services around the world I wonder how long the support for fitted units will continue.

Was the release by students of code to track and disrupt DJI drones the straw that broke the camel’s back?

Time to leave the market and change protocols so best leave the old gear behind that they might not be able to modify for whatever they have in mind.

One thing I know for certain is all the other CUAS detection system manufacturers will be clapping hands.fpv mini drone

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