IDEAFLY Apollo FPV GPS quadcopter review 2023

The Apollo from IDEA-FLY is a ready to useful  fly quadcopter perfectly designed for aerial video hobbyists.

This aircraft with integrated flight control system guided by GPS and wireless 5.8Ghz image transmission for FPV can be a very powerful substitute for the much expensive Dji Phantom 2. The onboard GPS can provide advance flight modes like: precise position hold, fail safe auto return and semi-autopilot mode.

Flying with the Idea-Fly Apollo quadcopter can be remarkable even for professional pilots because is equipped with four high performance brushless motors, ESC and carbon fiber propellers.

The aircraft mainly adopts the carbon fiber as material mixed with some high-strength engineering plastics which reduces weight and cost effectively. This material makes your flight with the Apollo quadcopter fulfill all your expectations.

All-In-One quadcopters are allays a compromise between price and features. Of course, you can’t get same video quality with a standard onboard camera like with a GoPro Hero3+. There are 5 different versions of this quadcopter, two of them are without any onboard camera. the Apollo’s price range is from $300 up to $560.

IDEAFLY Apollo power quadcopter features:

  • Ready to Fly quadcopter, just install the batteries;
  • Very cool design, convenient for carrying;
  • Newest IFLY-C6W controller;
  • USB debug interface;
  • Precise Hovering and Self-leveling guided by onboard GPS;
  • Integrated 5.8G Wireless Image technology (only on version “C”);
  • Two-Axis Stabilization Gimbal (only on version “C” of Apollo, compatible with GoPro cameras);
  • Highlighted LED Indicator for night flights;
  • The Apollo quadcopter it’s equipped with four low noise and high performance brushless motors;
  • Failsafe with auto return and Go Home landing;
  • Low Voltage battery protection.

Apollo multi-rotor Specs:

  • Dimensions: 280mm*310mm;
  • Motor to motor distance: 350mm;
  • Power consumption: 3.12 Watt;
  • Takeoff weight: lower than 1200g;
  • GPS hovering: Vertical:± 0.8m and Horizontal:± 2.5m;
  • Max Yaw angular velocity: 300°/s;
  • Max tilt angle: 45°
  • Ascent/Descent speed: ±4m/s;
  • Max flight velocity: 5m/s;
  • Transmitter working frequency: 2.4GHz;
  • Live Video Transmitter frequency: 5.8GHz.

Idea Fly Apollo package includes:

  • IDEA FLY Apollo Quadcopter;
  • 6CH transmitter + receiver (depending on which version you choose);
  • Wireless Video Transmitter + Receiver (only on FPV versions);
  • Two-axis Stabilization Gimbal (only version “C”);
  • Landing Skid;
  • 3S, 11.1v 2200mAh battery;
  • Battery charger.
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