New Arrivals: MEPSKING SZ F7 HD Flight Controller For FPV Drones with DJI Air Unit

As a new supplier of fpv drone kits, recently we have launched a new flight controller, the model name is Space SZ F7.

A great addition to the fpv drone kits.MEPSKING SZ F7 HD Flight Controller For FPV Drones with DJI Air Unit

The HD version of the SPACE SZ F7 Flight Controller is specially designed to work directly with the DJI HD FPV System without soldering. Plug-and-play with the DJI air unit has never been easier!

Faster Chip Computation

Smoother Operating Experience

MEPSKING SZ F7 HD Flight Controller For FPV Drones with DJI Air Unit

MEPSKING SZ F7 HD Flight Controller For FPV Drones with DJI Air Unit

The fast chip computation and support for various sensors and peripherals make it versatile for different use cases such as racing, freestyle, and aerial photography. The low latency and HD video feed capabilities are also impressive features.

It’s important to note the many solder joints and the need for dust prevention and waterproofing. These factors should be taken into consideration when using and maintaining the FC.

The product parameters such as the controller, gyroscope, input voltage, BEC, OSD, black box, mounting holes, and weight are also helpful for potential buyers to know.

Racing: With fast responsive control and a low- latency video, SZF7 HD feed to experience the thrill of a high-speed drone flight from a first-person perspective.

Freestyle: Giving racer a smootheroperating experience, SZF7 HD cancapture and process high-qualityimages and videos quicker.

Aerial Photography: As an excellentaccessory for capturing fantasticaerial footage with your drone,SZF7 HD offers low-latency and HDvideo feed capabilities.

MEPSKING SZ F7 HD Flight Controller For FPV Drones with DJI Air Unit

MEPSKING SZ F7 HD Flight Controller For FPV Drones with DJI Air Unit

Mepsking FPV SZF7 HD HasMany Solder Joints.

Pay attention to dustprevention.

Pay attention towaterproof.

Following are the product parameters

Controller: STM32 F722

Gyroscope: BMI 270

Input Voltage: 3-6S

BEC: 5V 2A/10 2A


Black Box: 16MB

Mounting Holes: 30.5*30.5mm/φ4mm

Weight: 7.2g

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Being a professional supplier of all-round power systems (Including FPV drone / fixed wing drone / multi-rotor / robots power system products), MEPSKING® is committed to providing you with high standard products and user experience.

MEPSKING®, relying on talented and scientific research materials from well-known domestic power research institutions and key universities, has made breakthrough achievements in the research and development of efficient, lightweight and reliable power systems. MEPSKING® innovatively adopts the third generation of “aviation aluminum” represented by aluminum lithium alloy as the raw material, which effectively improves the heat transfer, and at the same time, enhances the endurance of the motor. Tens of thousands of drop impact tests lead us to the trust of users! Our products are widely entrusted in various scientific and technological fields such as unmanned aerial vehicles, robots, automatic driving and aerospace.

Our team is a group of professional and passionate engineers, designers, FPV enthusiasts, product testers and marketing personnel. All materials, parts and processes are under strict control to ensure that each product meets the highest standards of quality and functionality.

MEPSKING® is an integration of R&D team, production team and sales team, providing highly competitive products to meet the requirements of different customers in multiple scenarios.

We are MEPSKING® We are here to break your imagination!

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