It’s so Shocking:FPV Drone Fly Through at Tesla Factory!

This week we’re covering a fast cinewhoop-style flythrough shot at Tesla’s huge Gigafactory in Berlin. We’re also covering recent leaks about DJI Goggles 2 for the DJI Avata, a video highlighting an expedition Flyability took to Iceland to support scientific research along with LiDAR sensor-maker Ou

Fly through Tesla’s new factory with this epic FPV drone video.

Take a first-person drone tour of Tesla’s new state-of-the-art ‘Gigafactory’ in Berlin, home of the Model Y.

Tesla is undeniably a fascinating company. And to celebrate the brand’s latest state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Berlin, Germany, it has released an epic drone flythrough video. Captured using a first-person view drone (FPV), the video showcases the many steps that go into manufacturing an electric vehicle. You’ll witness the forming of body panels, structural assembly, and much more.

Why did Tesla make the FPV Drone video?

The FPV video is both fancy corporate marketing material and a clever recruitment tool: Tesla is currently on an enormous hiring spree to staff this new facility. That said, marketing/recruiting material or not, it’s still undeniably fun to watch.

Analyzing the FPV Drone video.

Unlike some other FPV we’ve seen, this one was clearly not shot in a single take. Nevertheless, the piloting skills shown here are nothing short of amazing—I truly thought the drone was going to be crushed at the 0:32 mark.

No word on the pilot behind the video, or which drone model was used. But whoever was operating “the sticks,” clearly has a lot of experience!

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