FPV Drone What’s the First Feeling of Using FPV SZ 2207 Motor?

What’s the First Feeling of Using FPV SZ 2207 Motor?1950 KV Meps motors for a 5 inch racing drone. They’re punchy and fast. I love the sound of them. They come in a lots of assortment of different colors.I got mine in the cyan with the purple.Now if you want to pick up any of these bad boys, go to maps king.com, say tell them swim tube FPV said yep.These things are awesome. I like them. punchy punchy punchy swim cube out.Fly high fly fast fly smooth.

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Mysterious Adventure in Jingxi, a Border Town|fpv cinematic

2023-6-8 7:13:56

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What do You Think of the DIY FPV Drone Freestyle?

2023-6-10 22:30:38

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