FPV Air 2 Simulator Review

The FPV Air 2 Simulator Review looked pretty sketchy at first, with it being only $5, and having a lame name. I was not really sure about how the physics would handle, as it was made by only a single person. Also, my computer is pretty slow, so I was skeptical that this would run smoothly on my PC. Furthermore, getting FPV Air 2 would mean that I would have to install Steam, a gaming client, and deal with yet another heavy application running.

FPV Air 2 Simulator Review

Let me say this one thing: this is hands down, the best simulator for the price. It is pretty much the ideal FPV simulator for drone racers. I mean, it runs at 60 fps on my old, refurbished PC. My computer has an AMD Athlon II X2 processor with 8GB RAM and a Ge-Force GT710 GPU, so it’s not that great simply put.

FPV Air 2 Simulator Review

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Normally, FPV simulators require the time-honored tradition of fiddling with the control inputs for days, trying to route your radio signal into tangible game inputs for your simulator. FPV Air 2 does away with this, having pre-configured profiles for the Taranis, Xbox, FS-i6, Turnigy Evolution, and more! Stick calibration is super easy, as it involves just moving each stick to its maximum and minimum one time. There is a “secret” advanced menu for those wanting to tinker with their inputs in the bottom right-hand corner.

FPV Air 2 - Input Configuration Menu

PID Adjustment

One absolutely amazing feature about this simulator is the integrated Betaflight interface. This allows the user to customize exactly how they want their quad to fly. RC rate, Super rate, Max velocity, and RC expo are all fully customizable, just like in the real configurator.

FPV Air 2 - Gr8taflight


The settings tab in the simulator allows general, in-game adjustments to be made. FPV camera angle and FOV can be changed here, as well as the graphics quality. I was able to get very good results by checking the “low” button in the graphics quality menu, and by leaving “full screen” unchecked. The full screen function just stretches the image to accommodate for the 16:9 screen many of us have. By default though, the game window is closer to a 4:3, probably to give FPV pilots the familiar feel of staring into their Fat Sharks or 4:3 goggle. The screen resolution is of course, customizable to some extent in the drop-down menu.

FPV Air 2 - Settings

Under the physics tab, we can see that there are a plethora of variables to be changed to match any quad on the market. Thankfully, though, presets for “learner”, “intermediate”, “Pro-light”, and “2s micro” is available, which provides a much-needed starting point for new pilots.

FPV Air 2 - Physics Menu

Track Selection

I think that the track is what really makes FPV Air 2 so great. It has 13 tracks ready to race immediately, with many more DLC tracks on the Steam store. There are many different types of tracks, ranging from short and technical, too long and broad. It really helps to have a wide variety to practice on. Also, there are night tracks, which look really crisp. These tracks are illuminated by LED gates and are a blast to fly through! In fact, the developer even modeled the UAVfutures test track!

FPV Air 2 - Track Practice 3
FPV Air 2 - Track Practice 1
FPV Air 2 - Track Practice 2

This is not to say that FPV Air 2 is only geared towards racing though. They have released three freestyle courses, and a track editor, which basically covers the entire cast of FPV flying. The freestyle courses are nice and large, with many, many interesting structures and buildings to dive, loop, and orbit. Not to mention that there is a cool city race course, with buildings ready to dive!

FPV Air 2 - Tracks 1
FPV Air 2 - Tracks 2


Scores and multiplayer just add to fun because now, you can race your FPV buddies not only at the field but in the comfort of your own home! Hint: While racing, press tab to see the current leader board, change the camera view, and see you overall race points.

FPV Air 2 - Multiplayer
FPV Air 2 - Secret Menu

On the Controls

Now, what about the in-game flying experience? Well, a red square faces you, telling you where to go and which gate to hit. This lessens the confusion of the race course and makes it easier to focus on your next race line. Pressing space resets the quad, and pressing escape exits back to the menu and vice versa. It’s so simple and well thought out; I couldn’t have asked for more.

FPV Air 2 - Race Begin

Final Thoughts

If you are eyeing this simulator, hoping to improve your FPV skills, then STOP LOOKING! Just buy the FPV Air 2 simulator right now. You will be happy and satisfied. It is a great new simulator and I would recommend this sim to anyone who has $5, and a love for FPV. Great graphics speed and quality, many different tracks, and a ridiculously easy user interface make this one of the best drone racing simulators out there. A HUGE shout out to Mittens, the developer for putting this masterpiece together. Well worth every penny!


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