Experience the Festival through FPV

Experience the festival through FPV.

This Sunday, Mayor Ezequiel Galli participated in the ceremony for the 145th anniversary of the settlement of the first immigrants in Colonia Nievas.

The event took place at the Club Juventud Unida, with the presence of municipal authorities, councilors, members of the Faculty of Social Sciences, representatives of institutions, neighbors of Colonia Nievas, and the general public.

Through En Línea Noticias’ drones and FPV, it show us the unique the Fiesta de la Kerb Festival .Thousands of olavarrienses and azuleños enjoyed a wonderful Sunday, during the whole afternoon.

Experience the holidays through FPV

Experience the holidays through FPV

Gabriela Delia and Ayelen Sagarna offered welcoming remarks and presented the work carried out to enhance the value of Colonia Nievas’ heritage. They inaugurated the photographic exhibition “Recuadros de Nievas: un vistazo de 145 años de historia” and shared an audiovisual product entitled “Colonia Nievas, un presente con historia”, produced by the content production company Facso Producciones.

Later, thousands of Olavarrienses and Azuleños arrived en masse to visit a large number of stands with typical food and handicraft products and enjoy with their deckchairs the numerous shows that culminated with a popular dance.

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