Eachine QX110 VTail quadcopter review

Eachine V-Tail QX110 quadcopter review

About a month ago I introduced this Eachine V-tail QX110 VTail quadcopter in the news section and now it is time for an in-depth review of this nice and versatile mini racer.

Compared to other micro FPV drones that I lately reviewed, the Eachine QX110 VTail quadcopter comes with OSD, buzzer, and status LED bar. Unusual I may say because these features are found only on larger multi-rotors.

Frankly, I don’t know if the V-tail shape of the QX110 has any real impact on the flight performance or it is just to make the design more “spicy”.Eachine QX110 review VTail design

Like most of the Eachine brushed racers, the QX110 is also available with one of these radios: FrSky, FySky AFHDS-2A, and Spektrum DSM2/DSMX. The RX module is integrated and can’t be replaced.

Eachine QX110 VTail quadcopter in-depth review

This drone has been provided through the courtesy of Banggood in order to make an honest review. I would like to thank them again for their continuous support.

I received the package after about 3 weeks after we agreed on the Eachine QX110 VTail quadcopter  review. Pretty nice delivery time.

Surely, the VTail QX110 package is very rich. I found inside the box, besides the aircraft with 600TVL FPV camera, the following:

  • 2 pieces of 600mAh Li-Po batteries (1s – 3.7v);
  • USB battery charger;
  • Balance battery charging cable;
  • Self-adhesive Velcro tapes (for battery);
  • 1set of spare propellers (2*red and 2*black);
  • Blade removing tool;
  • Rubber bands;
  • Instruction guide.Eachine VTail QX110 review - box content

BTW, no spare motors included as the seller claims.

Eachine QX110 review – First impressions

Although the frame is made from carbon fiber, I read that is very fragile and can break easily. The V-tail system is achieved by “regular” arms (not bended ones) screwed together using an orange plastic part.

The total weight with a loaded battery is about 45 grams.

The AIO F3 PRO flight controller comes with BetaFlight firmware and an integrated FlySky radio receiver (RX).

All 8500 coreless motors are linked to the flight controller through 1.25mm 2 pin micro-JST connectors, allowing soldering free motor replacement.

The tiny speaker (buzzer) is located in the center of the frame.Eachine VTail QX110 review - First impressions

Similar to the Tiny QX95, this QX110 also features a programmable 4 LEDs status bar. While the two external LEDs show turning direction, the inner ones show the throttle activity.

The 600mAh Li-Po can be attached under the drone using a rubber band or the included Velcro tapes. No power switch, just interconnect the two micro-LOSI connectors.

In order to allow better visibility on the position of the aircraft, front propellers are black and rear ones are red.

Eachine QX110 review – Camera / FPV / OSD

The 600TVL AIO camera is positioned in front of the aircraft. A slight adjustment of the angle of the camera is possible. The integrated 5.8G VTX has 25mW broadcast power and a total of 48 transmission channels.Eachine V-Tail QX110 review - Camera / FPV

On top of the camera, you can find two micro push buttons. While the frontal one allows toggling between video standards (PAL/NTSC), the rear one can switch between 8 channels when is shortly pressed respectively between 6 Bands (A-F) when is longer pressed (more than 2s).

The linear 5.8G antenna is horizontally installed instead of vertically. This definitely has some negative impact on the FPV range. Anyway, this little bird was designed for indoor flights and proximity park flying.Eachine V-Tail QX110 review - OSD

Overall image quality is quite good (bright and vivid colors). OSD is really nice. You can monitor in real-time the battery voltage, flight time, arm status, flight mode, and artificial horizon.

Eachine Vtail QX110 review – Test flight

Firstly I bind my FlySky FS-i6 transmitter with the QX110. Detailed instruction can be found in the included user manual. I assigned my FS-I6 RC CH5/Aux1 to “SWA” (motor arm/disarm) and CH6/Aux2 to SWC (flight mode switch).

Flight modes can be assigned through BetaFlight-Configurator APP. This can be downloaded from here and runs under Goggle Chrome.

Reading SeBy’s review I found out that flying with default settings the QX110 is not too fun (lots of wobbles and bouncing). He shared its tuned settings (QX110_dump_BF_3_0_1) so I started with it. To be honest, even with these optimized settings the VTail Q110 is not the best flier.Eachine V-Tail QX110 review - Test

Although this Eachine quadcopter is quite fast, I had the feeling that by reducing its weight it could be even faster.

OSD is really nice, gives you the feeling that you’re a real pilot.


Surely this “V-Tail” drone is the most versatile model of Eachine’s QX series. It comes with BetaflightOSD chip, buzzer and status LED bar. The package content is also very generous, extra battery and spare propellers are included.
Hopefully the bad PIDs values will be solved by Eachine till mass production.

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