Eachine H8 Mini quadcopter review

Eachine H8 Mini

Eachine H8 Mini – Best quadcopter for every beginner

As I remember, I paid $60 for my first multi-rotor. I never thought that a quadcopter can be much cheaper until I found out about this Eachine H8 Mini that costs only $13.99. Yes, I didn’t mistyped the price and yes, the prices includes free shipping. If you don’t believe me you can check by yourself on Banggood’s website.

Before the H8 Mini I tested many other small and micro sized quads and I was very satisficed with them. They are low priced, perfect during the rainy seasons for indoor flights and extremely reliable (of course according to the price I paid for them).

I recommend this type of small quad-copters especially for beginners, because during the first test flights they guaranteed will lose the control over the aircraft and will smash it to the ground. I think for beginner pilots is very important to practice and improve their flying skill without being worried about the value of the quadcopter. Beginners can consider that $13.99 is the price of their first flying lesson :).

Eachine H8 main features:

  • Headless flight mode;
  • One key return to home;
  • Awesome 360 degree flips (stunts);
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor flights;
  • Dual flight mode (Low 40% and High 100%);
  • LED light for better orientation in low light conditions;
  • Very light weight, it has only 20g including the 150mAh battery;
  • Play time, around 5-7 minutes.

Eachine H8 Mini review. Cheap drones are also good?

Unfortunately, this Eachine quadcopter is available only in white and black colors, so you can’t ordered it in blue color for your son and red for your daughter. I got a black one, with green painting on the top of the cockpit and white propellers. Frankly, it looks pretty cool for its price and it has most of the latest features like headless mode and one key return to home (BTW, in my opinion the RTH feature is 100% useless).H8 Mini package

In the package, besides the small H8Mini quadcopter and its tiny remote controller, you will find a short instruction manual, a screwdriver, a USB battery charger and 2pcs. of spare propellers (A and B). The package also includes 4pcs of tiny self adhesive foam pads that will serve as landing skids.

The propellers have the same color and are marked with letter “A” and “B” for easy replacement. I recommend to order together with this quad at least one set of spare propellers and a spare battery.

The Eachine H8 Mini is ready to fly (RTF) out of the box, you just have to load 3pcs of AAA (micro light) batteries in to the remote controller and connect the Li-Po battery to the main board (there is no power button, so don’t look for it). The binding process is the usual, left stick up and down.

The remote controller may be a little small in my hands, but all the controls can be easily accessed by adults as well as by the youth.

H8 Mini cheap quad

Yesterday, I made some outdoor test flights (latter, I will upload some videos with it to my YouTube channel) and I can say that this H8 Mini has decent flight capabilities. It is very easy to control it, even for beginners, especially with the speed ratio set to 40%. The flight speed can be switched between 40% and 100% pressing the button under the left stick.

I can confirm that the signal-loss protection is working very well. I tried to fly far away from me, when the H8 Mini was out of the range of the transmitter the motors are immediately stopped.

By pressing the left stick like a button you can activate the return to home function. The rolling mode (stunt mode) can be triggered by pressing in the same way the right stick.


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