Eachine 3D X4 quadcopter review

Eachine 3D X4 quadcopter review

Eachine 3D X4 quadcopter review

Honestly, when the Eachine 3D X4 was announced, I was not interested at all in this model, I thought it is just a toy for kids.

A month ago, I was contacted by Jacky from Banggood to review this model. Initially, I hesitated, but after I found more about this mini quadcopter’s flight performances, I finally accepted his offer mainly because I was curious about the inverted flight mode (up-side-down flight). When I say “mini” I take into consideration the size and weight of the aircraft that is around 17.5×17.5 centimeters and 32grams with a battery.

As usual for shipments from China, I had to wait 3 weeks to get the Eachine 3D X4 and make my review. Finally, I got the quad with red-white cockpit, but if you prefer orange-white, the cockpit can be easily replaced and it costs just $2.

Most of the quadcopter’s spare parts keep the friendly low price, for example, the mainframe is only $3.2 and for a complete set of new motors, you have to pay $10.

Eachine 3D X4 Review

Inside the box, besides the quadcopter and remote controller, you will find a small bag with one set of spare propellers and a USB battery charging cable. The package also includes the Eachine 3D X4’s user manual.

At the first impression, the Eachine 3D X4 has an obvious resemblance with an insect, but more of a spider family one than a ladybug as others wrote. The arms look exactly like an insect’s one and the body makes me think of a red and black colored spider. Regarding the propellers, putting the white ones in front in contrast with the black ones in the back was a very smart decision for the producer, in my opinion. This way it is much easier to fly this agile and surprisingly challenging mini quad.Eachine 3D X4 quadcopter

The construction of the aircraft is simple, based on a unibody frame – not removable landing skids or prop guards. The propellers are mounted directly on the motor’s shafts, this way the Eachine 3D X4 has a faster reaction and is much quieter than other geared models.

Powering ON the quadcopter can be performed by connecting the LI-Po battery to the receiver board, there is no ON/OFF button.

After the battery was plugged I recommend placing the quadcopter immediately in a horizontal and stable position and do not disturb the startup calibrating process.

If someone needs a longer flight time, there is enough room to install higher capacity batteries. I successfully installed a 500mAh LI-Po and the flight time was significantly improved.

The flight speed can be adjusted between, 20%, 60% and full speed (100%). For indoor use and beginner pilots, I recommend flying the Eachine 3D X4 at the lowest flight speeds (20%).

Frankly, my first light movements were imprecise, like I had control only over the throttle. After a few failed attempts to fly it, I thought it was a faulty one. Luckily it came to my mind the idea to perform a gyro reset and set the speed to 20%. Even so, the Eachine 3D X4 remained harder to control than my other multi-rotors, but now at least flies in the direction that I want :).

In inverted flight mode, the throttle, forward/backward is working the same but left and right are reversed, this can trick easily your mind.

After more tries I found that actually I love the flying characteristics of this Eachine quad, it is very fast and agile. With more practicing probably I will learn to make some awesome acrobatic tricks with it.Eachine 3D X4 indoor flight test

In conclusion, I recommend the Eachine 3D X4 quad for skilled pilots as well as for beginners with perseverance.


  • Very fast and agile;
  • Inverted flight mode;
  • Can accept higher capacity batteries;
  • Attractive price for an acrobatic quadcopter;
  • Cheap spare parts.


  • Very fragile;
  • Proprietary TX;
  • NO power button;
  • Needs a lot of practicing to be flown.
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