Drone Racing League Posts Record Season Metrics as League Estimates Their ‘Tech Setters’ Audience Will Continue to Grow

The Drone Racing League (DRL) has just completed a successful season with record-breaking streaming views, social media followers, and gaming downloads. The league is geared towards a young audience aged 16 to 34 called “Tech Setters,” with an estimated current following of 820 million, expected to increase to 1 billion by 2030.

The DRL’s popularity stems from its versatility in holding drone races across three genres: with real drone pilots, esports gamers, and in the metaverse, reflecting its alignment with STEM fields. By 2030, STEM jobs are projected to rise by 11%, faster than regular jobs, and drones tend to attract the general STEM population.

Drone Racing League posts record season metrics as league estimates their 'Tech Setters' audience will continue to grow

Drone Racing League posts record season metrics as league estimates their ‘Tech Setters’ audience will continue to grow

Although the DRL’s target audience may not follow traditional sports, the league aims to capture fans of traditional sports through partnerships with teams like the Miami Dolphins and Marlins. At the Algorand World Championship Race held at loanDepot Park, T-Mobile unveiled an XR experience that gave spectators a 3D concept of a drone racecourse and pilot efficiency, highlighting the evolving technological landscape.

DRL has partnered with sponsors to create mutually beneficial business deals with companies like Google Cloud, Draganfly, and PointsKash, focusing on emerging technologies such as Web3, Cloud, XR, and VR. Its recent activations include Project Drone Galaxy, a blockchain-based racing game that mirrors the popular video game Mario-Kart.

With over 260 million global streaming viewers, 12 million social media followers, and an average of 3 million daily video views on social media outlets, DRL has become a successful tech-based sports league. Polls show that more than 90% of fans would return to a DRL race after attending live-audience and virtual events, pointing to the league’s potential for growth.

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