The Brinc Lemur 2 drone is optimized for dangerous missions with a LiDAR scanner and night vision camera.


The Brinc Lemur 2 drone is optimized for dangerous missions with a LiDAR scanner and night vision camera.

Brinc has introduced a particularly robust drone with the Lemur 2, which not only brings a variety of sensors but also unusual features such as the ability to shatter windows or enable two-way communication via speakers and microphones.

The Lemur 2 is a new drone from Brinc, primarily aimed at the police and other emergency services who require the use of a drone in dangerous situations. For this purpose, the drone is not only particularly robust, but it can also operate in the rain.

Compared to the previous model, the autonomous functions of the Lemur 2 have been expanded. To achieve this, the drone is equipped with LiDAR scanners that allow it to capture the environment in three dimensions, avoiding obstacles and navigating through narrow buildings without relying on GPS or cameras. To provide users with the best possible view of the scene, Brinc has installed a main camera with a 13.5-megapixel sensor that records 4K videos.

These are transmitted in real-time to the remote control, which has a 720p display. The touchscreen allows users to enlarge the image section through digital zoom. An infrared camera with infrared LEDs allows the drone to see in the dark, while a thermal imaging camera with a resolution of 160 x 120 pixels and a frame rate of 7 Hz makes it easier to detect people. Integrated microphones and speakers enable, for example, conversations with hostage-takers.

A special extension allows the drone to break windows and open doors. According to Brinc, the drone was developed in collaboration with the police to consider the needs of emergency services. One result of this cooperation is the ability to make the drone operational within 45 seconds and to extend the range to the remote control through a mesh network when multiple drones are deployed.

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