DHD D1 pocket quadcopter review

DHD D1 drone review

Pocket quadcopters like this DHD D1 are appreciated because they are affordable and extremely portable. For beginners, I always recommend starting with small and inexpensive models. Crashes always happen and it’s not a good idea to throw out the window a $500 model.

There are many interesting micro quadcopters on the market and is a tough decision, especially for newbies, which one worth more. On my Quadcopter reviews section, you can read more about a few of them. I hope that will give you at least some suggestions regarding which model fits more for you.

This tiny DHD D1 pocket quad has one of the most lightweight designs (7g) and I think that will be a very good sold model. BTW, with the size of 23x23mm it is probably the smallest one too.

I found on the internet many DHD D1 reviews, some of them are very good, made by professional writers so it is hard to add something new. Anyway, as usual, I will try to do my best to reveal a lot of useful information regarding this product.

When my wife saw for the first this little drone, she asked me “aren’t you too old for this toy?“, I answered her that “the quadcopters are like boobies to me, I like them all, huge ones and small ones too 😀“.DHD D! Review - Inside the box

DHD D1 mini drone features and specs

  • Ultra-small size;
  • Headless flight mode;
  • High and Low flight speed rates;
  • Average 5 minutes of playtime;
  • About 30 meters control range:
  • 80mAh, 3.7v Li-Po battery;
  • DHD D1 weight: 7g.

DHD D1 pocket quadcopter review

My 6-year-old son is very happy when I receive small multi-rotors for review because he expects to test and fly them together to me. I let him play on his own only with the small ones because those tiny 2-3cm propellers can’t do any harmful injuries.

DHD D1 review - size
left side: FQ777-124, right side: DHD D1

The DHD D1 is packed well in a transparent plastic box that reveals only the aircraft, the remote controller, and all other accessories are hidden in the bottom of the box. My first impression holding it in my hand was: WOW, this is damn small. It is even smaller than my other pocket quadcopter, the FQ777-124.

There are not too many included accessories with the D1 pocket quad. I found inside the box only the USB charging cable, one set of spare propellers, and a tiny instruction guide.

Because there is little room on the sides of the aircraft, the power switch is on another side than the charging interface which is the “biggest “clue where is the rear of this toy.

The aircraft is powered with a tiny built-in 80mAh battery that allows around 5 minutes of continuous playtime. Those tiny motors can become very hot after just a few minutes of flight with full throttle. The battery can be recharged via any USB port (computer or smartphone charger) with the included cable.DHD D1 macro photo

I don’t know if it would worth repairing a $17 toy, but those who wish to do it must know that it can be found all the spare parts from the receiver board, motors to the transmitter.

Yesterday I had the chance to fly it, both indoor and outdoor. It is very stable and easy to control. For outdoor flights, I recommend only days with a very gentle wind. By long pressing the left stick, the quadcopter can be switched between 3 working modes: low-speed, high-speed, and headless flight.

DHD D1 unboxing and test flight video

DHD D1 review – Final words

My biggest challenge during the preparation of this DHD D1 review was to capture it with my camcorder when it flies. It is so small that is very hard to get it in focus and to follow it. Anyway, it does all the flight tricks like the bigger ones. One of the greatest advantages of the D1 Quad is that it can be stored and transported in its remote controller. I think this micro pocket drone looks like the perfect gift for newbies. For those who became curious and want to try it, the DHD D1 can be ordered for $16.99 from Banggood.


  • Ultra-portable fits in my pocket;
  • Just perfect for indoor fun;
  • Decent play time;
  • Headless mode;
  • Adjustable speed rate (Low and High).


  • Motors heat up a lot;
  • Built-in battery;
  • Non standard charging connector.
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