DCL-Thrills for Desert Chills Is Coming Soon

On 23rd June at 9:00pm GST , Drone Champions League(DCL) will host an exhilarating drone racing exhibition, DCL – THRILLS FOR DESERT CHILLS” in Dubai.

DCL-Thrills for Desert Chills Is coming soon

DCL-Thrills for Desert Chills Is coming soon

Eight top-notch teams will gather at the prestigious Dubai Esports &Games Festival 2023, showcasing their skills in navigating agile drones through a challenging desert course.

Witness the heart-pounding action as drones defy gravity, reaching incredible speeds amidst iconic venue. Get ready for it.

Get more informations: https://dcl.aero/tfdc/

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Experience the Unforgettable FPV Drone Racing: DCL-Thrills for Desert Chills

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