Cheerson CX-10C review

Cheerson CX10C review

Ten years ago it seemed unimaginable to play with such a small multi-rotor like this Cheerson CX-10C. Now we can purchase nano and micro quadcopters for $10-$20. These small remote-controlled toys became popular very quickly because they are extremely affordable, portable, and easy to fly.

When I purchased my first nano quadcopter, one of my colleagues asked me “OK, that is so small but does it has at least a camera?“. Now, when I showed him this Cheerson CX-10C with a camera, his question was “Ok, it has a camera, but does it comes with a micros SD card?“. He is a very hard guy to satisfy, I wonder if his wife has this complaint too 😀

Yesterday, a friend came to visit me and I showed him my drone collection. He was very impressed with all of them especially when I explained to him what they can do. He was also surprised by their affordability, he said he never thought you can get so many features in one quad-copter for an affordable price. As he had to attend next week to a 14th years boy’s birthday celebration, he asked me if I can help him order one as a gift. Because he’s a good friend of mine, I offered him to accept from me the Cheerson CX-10C that I got for review.

Cheerson CX-10C review with pros and cons

The box of the Cheerson CX-10C is half-transparent, revealing the size of the aircraft which is only 42x42mm and 22mm high. On the top of the mini quad is a tiny logo that is contouring two bat wings and a camera lens. On the bottom part of the box are the rest of the accessories: remote controller, 1set of spare propeller, USB charging cable, and the CX-10C’s user manual.Cheerson CX-10C review - accesories

Unlike its predecessor, the CX-10C is available only in two colors, orange and black. I opted for orange because is more visible and easy to find when it lands in high grass.

The 2.4GHz transmitter with the size of only 9x6cm may be a little small in my hands but all the controls can be easily accessed even by adults. By pushing the left stick like a button, the flight speed can be switched between 3 values according to the operators’ flight skills (low, medium, and high). The speed rate setting is confirmed with 1,2 or 3 beeps. Under the right stick, there are two buttons, one is for taking photos and one to start/stop record video.

Powered with a tiny 120mAh battery, the CX-10C has around 2-4 minutes of continuous flight time. Unfortunately, the battery is built-in and is not swappable, so you can rest about 30minutes while the battery is recharging. Charging the CX-10C’s battery can be performed either through the USB of your laptop or via a USB phone charger.

For the size of a box matches, this CX-10C is surprisingly powerful. Those little brushed motors whirl at a terrific rate and it sounds quite aggressive, of course, in a cute way.Cheerson CX-10C review closer look

With four LED Lights this drone is just perfect for some nighttime fun. 2 red LEDs in the rear and 2 blue LEDs in front will help to determine the exact position of the aircraft even in dark.

If this is your first time flying a multi-rotor you will find thanks to the 6-gyro stabilization how easy is to control these little toys. Beginners can accommodate the basic flight movements just in few minutes. I was surprised too regarding the flight capabilities of this CX-10 C, it is very stable and easy to hover with just a little trim adjustment.

The camera has only 0.3MP which allows recording videos at 640×480 resolution. The image quality of course is not superb but pretty good according to the size and price of the CX-10C.Cheerson CX-10C's camera

Cheerson CX-10C review – Conclusion

I know it does not have a first-person view and the camera is only 0.3MP but who knows maybe the next CX-10F will have FPV and UHD camera. My only disappointment regarding this quad is around the playtime. With one charge it has an average of 3 minutes of playtime. Anyway, spending $28 on the Cheerson CX-10C is not a bad idea, this little remote-controlled toy can bring you and your loved ones many funny moments in the cold and wet autumn evenings.

This micro quadcopter can be purchased with an 18% discount from Banggood. On their website also can be found spare parts for this Cheerson CX-10C.

Cheerson CX-10C – Pros

  • 3-speed rates;
  • Very stable;
  • Easy to hover;
  • Onboard camera;
  • Zero jello effect.

Cheerson CX-10C – Cons

  • Short playtime;
  • No FPV :D.
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