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7” quad very hot motors

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hello everyone! its my turn to ask for help again. I have a brand new build im trying to get to behave. I have the speedybee f7 stack on BF4.3.2, eco II 2807 1500kv motors spinning an HQ 7x 4(or 3.5?)x3 prop on an apex7LR frame. running a vista for video, and using a CNHL 1500mah 6s for a battery.

I took it out on its maiden just a few minutes ago, and it sounded twitchy and I thought I even had a loose prop, so I dropped throttle to land, and it just very slowly kept rising and would’ve runaway. BF did not come in to save it, i disarmed it myself. I did not have a loose prop, and i realized the motors were too hot to touch after literally 15-30 seconds of flight. I had done absolutely nothing for setup, so this didnt seem that crazy, so i applied the UAVTECH preset for 7”, but the motors are still fairly warm after hovering around for a minute or two and doing a flip or roll.

It seems like a filtering issue to me, as the frame is tight, nothing is touching the gyro, the FC and ESC are soft mounted on top of each other, etc. I just have no idea what to change or tweak, my 5” quad just flies perfect default and ive never even attempted to mess with it before. trying to look at blackbox data it seems like the motors are changing speed too much compared to my 5”, but i don’t know what settings to change to really compare or understand

I cant get a longer flight in near me, and id rather not drive out to the field to fly for 2 minutes, so im attaching the blackbox log i have from the last flight (with presets applied) using the gyro_scaled debug, and attached are also my dump and diff all commands from CLI. the end of the blackbox log is me bouncing off the ground and up into a tree as i try to stay in control of my new giant quad in my front yard, so that part isn’t noise.. its just me being bad lol

thanks in advance, i know you guys can set me straight Smile



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