50 Drone Remote ID Sensors will be Used by Singapore to Cover the Whole City-State

In Singapore, a brand-new, widely used drone Remote ID network is being implemented. By the end of 2024, the island government intends to place 50 drone tracking devices throughout its whole landmass.

50 drone Remote ID sensors will be used by Singapore to cover the whole city-state

50 drone Remote ID sensors will be used by Singapore to cover the whole city-state

Drone Defence Services, a UK-based airspace management company hired to demonstrate the technical feasibility of a wide-area sensor network, claims that the pilot phase included the installation of three AeroSentry Zero drone detection sensors at test locations.

Following this, step one will see the deployment of many Remote ID sensors around Singapore’s southern region, followed by phases two and three, which will concentrate on the northern and center regions, respectively. Together with the telecom business Metropolitan Wireless International, the project is being carried out.

According to Drone Defence, the ground-based infrastructure approach will be integrated with its cloud-based AeroTracker airspace monitoring technology, which will alert authorized people to any obvious drone activity. Additionally, the company is using its FAA-approved AeroPing real-time drone transponder to guarantee the precision of the Remote ID sensors.

The installation of the AeroSentry Zero sensor network is enormous and will give complete coverage over the 720 sq km city-state, according to Richard Gill, CEO and founder of Drone Defence, “ensuring that all conspicuous drones are identified and visible.” Additionally, the Remote ID network will make UTM (Unmanned Aircraft Traffic Management) devices visible.

According to Gill, firms like FoodPanda “PANDAFLY” might make use of this information for the inter-island food drone deliveries that are now being tested.

Drone invasions are not taken lightly in Singapore. A Chinese student at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University was recently fined $3,500 for using a drone to photograph his girlfriend. And last year, a Singaporean guy who had been flying a DJI Mavic 2 Zoom improperly close to a military airbase was hit with a hefty $37,000 punishment.

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